What's To Come (According To Me)


What if you could get a tweet when your laundry was done? Or, a text when your dog needed to go outside? This is all possible with Twine, a new gadget that helps automate the home and requires no difficult set-up. Amazing.

Automate Your Entire Home With This 2.5” Gadget (Yes, We Live In The Future) – Tech »

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Within five years, will all five senses be computerized, and in a decade, will transistors per chip outnumber neurons in the human brain? Intel will invest more than $40 million over the next 5 years in a worldwide network of university research communities called the Intel Collaborative Research Institutes ICRI to find out.Intel research hopes to give computers human smarts, appreciate our idiosyncrasies »Intels chief technology officer, Justin Rattner, doesnt own a smartphone. Well, not by his definition anyway. Talking in Tel Aviv, Rattner was evangelizing about the opportunities in machine learnin…

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The laboratory is interested in the energy autonomy of mobile robots. The SlugBot Project represents the first stage of a study in energy autonomy; a proof-of-concept vehicle capable of detecting and collecting slugs. This phase is now finished and the details below relate to the final status of the SlugBot Project as of May 2001.

The current research is now focusing on the use of microbial fuel cells and plant material as the source of nutrition. Please follow this link for more details

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