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This Is Your Future

Telekinesis. Invisibility. Cables to space. Physicist Michio Kaku looks at what we can expect this century in his new book, ‘Physics of the Future.’

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Future Big Data: Devices That Can See Through Walls

Researchers at the University of Texas Dallas successfully designed an imager chip that can see through walls. They will be embedded into mobile phones. This discovery boasts two scientific developments: tapping an unused range of electromagnetic spectrum which brought us wavelength energies such as AM and FM signals, and a new microchip technology.

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What if you could get a tweet when your laundry was done? Or, a text when your dog needed to go outside? This is all possible with Twine, a new gadget that helps automate the home and requires no difficult set-up. Amazing.

Automate Your Entire Home With This 2.5” Gadget (Yes, We Live In The Future) – Tech »

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